35, rue Jules Ferry
93170 Bagnolet - France

Western Operations :
T. +33 1 41 72 14 14

Japan Operations :
T. + 33 1 41 72 14 19

F. + 33 1 4857 10 10


Huaihai China Building
Room 808
885 Renmin Road
200010 Shanghai
People Republic of China

Asia Pacific Operations :
T. +86 21 63 55 82 89
F. +86 21 63 55 82 85

MEDIC’AIR إفريقيا للنقل / H24

African - Middle East Operations :
Dar El Bacha – Tizougarine 5,
40000 Marrakesh - Morocco
T. +212 524 38 13 88
F. +212 524 42 84 36

A new Management for Medic Air Shanghai Health Consulting (MASH)

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Dec 2017 Medic’Air International

1/ MEDIC’AIR : Another step towards safety

Medic’Air is proud to announce the arrival of a dedicated Challenger 604 Air Ambulance on permanent alert at Paris – Le Bourget airport, featuring complete ICU Spectrum equipment, ready for takeoff day and night.

The Bombardier Challenger 604 is considered to be one of the most dependable and reliable aircraft in its class.

As a medevac aircraft, the CL604’s spacious and wide cabin provides stand-up room of over six feet. It also offers ample space for medical personnel to attend to patients.

The aircraft features all the necessary medical equipment, including a state-of- the-art stretcher system. The medical system onboard and cabin configuration have been designed to ensure a convenient patient care environment, while offering absolute comfort for the patient.

Our Bombardier Challenger 604 can accommodate 7 passengers, in addition to one patient on the stretcher. The luxuriously appointed interior features comforts for both patients and other passengers.

Its 8.5 hour flight range (4,027 nm) is particularly convenient when having to fly patients long distances – reducing, or even eliminating, the need for fuel stops.
With its superior comfort, its state-of-the-art medical equipment, and its intercontinental flight range, the Bombardier Challenger 604 is well suited for any acute or long distance mission for Medic ‘Air medical teams.

A busy week for SMART program by Medic’Air, Swift Medical Acute Response Team…

Activated overnight, the medical team on duty took off early in the morning on Tuesday, November 14th to Bujumbura, Burundi for a direct flight to evacuate a patient suffering from a brain haemorrhage to Brussels.

The team took off the following Saturday for the repatriation of another patient – suffering of cardiologic failure - from Malta to Sapporo (Japan) with only one stop in Kazakhstan.