35, rue Jules Ferry
93170 Bagnolet - France

Western Operations :
T. +33 1 41 72 14 14

Japan Operations :
T. + 33 1 41 72 14 19

F. + 33 1 4857 10 10


Huaihai China Building
Room 808
885 Renmin Road
200010 Shanghai
People Republic of China

Asia Pacific Operations :
T. +86 21 63 55 82 89
F. +86 21 63 55 82 85

MEDIC’AIR إفريقيا للنقل / H24

African - Middle East Operations :
Dar El Bacha – Tizougarine 5,
40000 Marrakesh - Morocco
T. +212 524 38 13 88
F. +212 524 42 84 36

A new Management for Medic Air Shanghai Health Consulting (MASH)

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Dec 2017 Medic’Air International

2 / Medic Air Transport Africa is taking off…

After recovery, a seaman who suffered from burns after a fire on his ship, in a Congo harbour, required to be evacuated to Latvia, his native country, on a commercial flight with a physician escort and some oxygen on board.

The patient’s extraction was entrusted to Medic’Air Marrakesh escort team, under supervision of Medic’Air International Paris.

The day after confirmation of the mission, an emergency physician from the team took off from Casablanca to Pointe-Noire with his medical equipment to pick up patient at the clinic and take him on a night flight to Paris.
In Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, a second physician – from Medic’Air Paris team – was waiting for the patient in order to take over for our Moroccan Doctor.
On the second leg of the trip, patient was escorted by the French physician to his destination hospital, a few hours from Vilnius by road, after an en-route stop in Amsterdam.

Moroccan doctors and nurses now have the possibility of opening the door of many African countries without visa in order to save time.
More efficient, safer…  Medic’Air group develops this Hand-over service for our customers and patients to move patients within the shortest amount of time, while managing our medical escort’s fatigue.